Poetry (in English)

 Bronze, stone, gesso duro and words




 I saw her just once

I saw her just once. A tremulous shadow of my yesterdays
still lingers. Persistently. Or is it but a dream
of unfulfilled desire? Fragments of memories, petals,
floating forlorn, down life's winding stream.

Her step was as light as a morning's dew,
her smile as bright as the rising sun,
her touch was as gentle as the summer's breeze.
I really have no idea how it all began.

Alas 'tis folly, for I never touched her­­
other than with my thoughts. I would not defile
A dream. A fleeting illusion­­ghostly apparition?
Yet memories of her continue to beguile

Sculpture in bronze by Bozena Happach

 Previously published in Authors' Den


is putting together a collection of Stan Law's peoms inspired by Bozena Happach' sculputures.

Watch this space for further announcements.

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